Wednesday, 12 December 2012


necklace, top, skirt, belt - topshop (this is what working here has done to me...)

I am putting up a new post today for two main reasons:

1. I'm rewarding myself and taking a "well-earned" (not really) break from "revising" for an imminent uni deadline... i.e I was getting bored after 10 minutes of work so needed to find another procrastination tool asides from browsing instagram and eating chocolate

2. The notorious lacrosse team Christmas social is tonight and this may be the last anybody ever hears from me... pray for me and my well-being.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

red & blue

necklace, dress (worn as top) and shorts - topshop

Procrastinating again.... this time I am simply refusing to enter the winter wonderland of outside and its finger numbing cold, and instead devouring soup and minstrels - the well known winter warmers - from the radiating heat of my bed - the one place in this city where I know I will manage not fall on my bottom in an undignified and unrecoverable manner.
Celebrated my birthday on Monday...yesterday, and today - it's a birthday week extravaganza kind of thing! Pictures to follow... expect stars & stripes, stack burgers and wellington boots...

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

fur and feathers

blazer - vintage
fur collar - h&m
grey tee - whistles
belt - topshop
skirt - rare 

I encountered some issues due to Blogger's ridiculous minimum photo storage police, but I have FINALLY switched to the lifesaver that is Photobucket, and I'm back on track!

I wore this outfit a month ago to go for cocktails with my flatmate, although we did end up discarding the tights and jackets and hitting a club after, this proved to be the perfect evening-to-night outfit: a pared down palette to avoid too much attention grabbing in the bar, but enough to hold its own amongst the amped up glamour of sequinned dresses in a nightclub.

Typically, every French test of the semester (grammar, audio, prose, translation, oral... and other fun categories of nonsensical French which I have to grapple with on a day to day basis) has coincided with my upcoming birthday week and just about every social event of the calendar... so I have a very hectic couple of weeks ahead! Which MUST be why I'm blogging right now, as I only seem to do this when I am procrastinating to the most extreme degree.

More soon...

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Onepiece - Jump In

After all, if they're good enough for Chuck Bass...
As you can see, I've been busy playing, hair-flicking and just generally luxuriating in the warmth and pinnacle of comfort that is my new onepiece. If only it was socially acceptable to wear them to lectures, I may have to just take this matter into my own hands...

Thursday, 18 October 2012

guess who's back...

9,000 feet above sea level in Utah, my infamous thumb cast and a new friend

dress, belt, ring - topshop
shoes - steve madden

I think the only times I actually blog successfully is when I'm at uni and have exhausted all other possible methods of procrastination. This could perhaps begin to explain the 4 month summer haitus I took, during which time I...

...indulged my never-dwindling obsession for the USA... Kanye-hunting in Chicago, raiding the Marc Jacobs (and just about every other) store, zipwiring across mountain valleys during the day and then trying every form of mountain meat I could get my hands on by night in Utah, hanging off the back of a speedboat at the lakehouse at excessive speeds...tearing ligaments in my hand in the process and producing an impressive medical bill as a result

 ...avoided all and every form of work, hence forgetting every word of French I know and returning to university with very unenviable language skills in the SUBJECT OF MY DEGREE

... lounged around in a vegetative state most days flanked by my friends (which incidentally are teddy bears) with only Ben and Jerry for company

...GOT MY DREAM JOB AT TOPSHOP,  worryingly spending more than an acceptable amount of my wages on the stock (see above photos for evidence of aforementioned spiralling issue)

...helped my flatmate and Miley Cyrus lookalike friend set up her own blog, which you can find here

Sunday, 26 February 2012

captain america

jacket, necklace: topshop
top: max c london
leggings via ebay
shoes: converse

I would just like to say, I have NEVER gotten such an impressive reaction to wearing an item of clothing until I put these on for a lacrosse social followed by Kissy Sell Out club night this week. 
People of all sorts told me of their appreciation for these stars and stripes leggings - some welcome, some not... I got an all-round seal of approval from my friends and lacrosse team, some "nice trousers...nice arse" comments from the unwelcome male demographic, and numerous groups of (can I say chav?) girls demanded where they could get some of their own... on hindsight I feel I should have led them down the wrong path completely, I fear (hopefully irrationally) that next time I venture into central Aberdeen there'll be groups of young girls smoking at bus stops whilst pushing prams wearing identical outfits to mine. 

Things I have to look forward to in the near-future:

A round of inevitably disastrous and raucous pub golf - in which I fear in advance for my life

A "bright and tight" party - I feel these leggings will address the dress code perfectly, as well as half of the clothes residing in my wardrobe...

Various essay deadlines (sense the sarcasm?)

Going to Manchester with my friend Bella to watch her compete in a beauty pageant - a world away from my baked beans existence in Aberdeen


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twitter @assezblonde

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

stars, stripes and seeds

shorts, peace necklace - topshop
tshirt, scarf - vintage
shoes - converse
socks - primark

My style seems to be ever-changing these days, a couple of months ago I would never have even considered wearing something like this out to a club.
 When you're young though you can get away with so much more, that's the point! 
And it means that my crazy dancing and impulsive jumping on the dancefloor was made 100x easier and I remained injury-free. Astonishingly though, I STILL managed to fall down the stairs of the club on my way out last night despite the fact I was wearing converse (I blame the slippy floor...), it seems I am just unfailingly clumsy.

On another note including no mention of clumsiness (apart from the fact that when I stood up today the chair I had been sitting on looked like a hamsters view of heaven with about 6781398 dropped seeds on it), I got my first Graze box today... I never thought I could be converted to snacking on nuts and seeds but it was amazing and instilled within me the will to live during my Tuesday 12-5 university schedule - so taxing. 
Click on the link for a free box, they make you put your card details in but it won't charge you for the first box, and you can simply cancel your account with one click once it's arrived if you don't want to pay for them!

Saturday, 18 February 2012


dress - rare at topshop
(extra points for anyone who can tell from the badly directed camera what it actually looks like)

Despite my endless bouquets of roses mysteriously not arriving on Valentine's Day  (they must have gotten lost in the post, bloody Royal Mail...), I still got into the spirit of things and wore this bright red dress on our Valentine's night out. On hindsight though I think my hair probably does a better job of covering me up than the dress itself... trust me, walking along Union Street at 2am wearing nothing but this dress was not ideal. Thankfully hair as long as this can also serve a dual-purpose and act as a (rather threadbare) jacket-type invention.

Have been so lucky with my purchases today, went to a local vintage fayre/clothes swap and managed to sift through the indeterminable rubbish (I'm specifically pointing the finger here at anyone who thinks it is acceptable to contribute their little brothers unwanted Vans hoodies from 9 years ago) and find a few gems:

- an unworn brightly embroidered hippy-esque French Connection dress which ties in brilliantly with the Mexican themed bright coloured patterns being heralded by ASOS this season

- the horse print dress from Primark I'm wearing in this post which was my friend Ellen's...but now I actually have one to call my own

-a blue cashmere jumper - because living in Aberdeen really does require them, despite how much "Scottish 
blood" you claim to be in posession of

Thursday, 9 February 2012

you shall go to the ball

dress: Biba at House of Fraser 
arm cuff: vintage

I loved wearing this dress which I borrowed from Kate for the law ball last week, the draping and patterning is so amazing, plus in true blagger style which seems to be my trademark, I didn't have to buy a new dress. The only downside to this Biba number is that it seems to have been made with a 6ft skyscraper woman in mind, and it's too long on me, which unfortunately prohibited me from exhibiting my impeccable and enviable Scottish country dancing skills.
Uni right now is so hectic, I should be doing about ten times more work than I currently am, and have had to miss classes because of my tonsillitis so I'm super stressed about catching up and not being left behind! More and better posts soon hopefully.
One last thing, thank you to everyone who voted for me on the Company Casting Call competition, managed to get 151 votes on one picture and about 80 on the rest which was so surprising! Seriously doubt I'll get to the final but it was fun anyway, and a welcome procrastination technique as usual.
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