Tuesday, 21 February 2012

stars, stripes and seeds

shorts, peace necklace - topshop
tshirt, scarf - vintage
shoes - converse
socks - primark

My style seems to be ever-changing these days, a couple of months ago I would never have even considered wearing something like this out to a club.
 When you're young though you can get away with so much more, that's the point! 
And it means that my crazy dancing and impulsive jumping on the dancefloor was made 100x easier and I remained injury-free. Astonishingly though, I STILL managed to fall down the stairs of the club on my way out last night despite the fact I was wearing converse (I blame the slippy floor...), it seems I am just unfailingly clumsy.

On another note including no mention of clumsiness (apart from the fact that when I stood up today the chair I had been sitting on looked like a hamsters view of heaven with about 6781398 dropped seeds on it), I got my first Graze box today... I never thought I could be converted to snacking on nuts and seeds but it was amazing and instilled within me the will to live during my Tuesday 12-5 university schedule - so taxing. 
Click on the link for a free box, they make you put your card details in but it won't charge you for the first box, and you can simply cancel your account with one click once it's arrived if you don't want to pay for them!


  1. I love the funky raisins you get in graze boxes - yum! Also need some of them shorts! x

  2. wellme I love! espesh the shorts! cxxxx

  3. I like how you went for something different!! Would look even more awesome if everything was a lil' bit more "grunge" you know? loosen up the fit, add some ripped tights, leather jacket....

    1. thanks :) oooh i like these suggestions, agreeed, although i DID have my leather jacket on at least - just not in these pictures. thankfully i have some looser t's on their way in the post! x

  4. it is all about confidence! and definitely, trends are forgivable on the young, as well as expected.


  5. You look so effortlessy cute, i love his outfit! :) xxx

  6. you look amazing! Love the mix of prints :)

  7. I love this outfit, especially the shorts! I like that you can wear it to a club or just hanging out with friends and still be stylish!

    Heather xx

  8. I love your shorts! And your style xx

  9. Great style! I follow you... Follow me back ;)



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