Thursday, 18 October 2012

guess who's back...

9,000 feet above sea level in Utah, my infamous thumb cast and a new friend

dress, belt, ring - topshop
shoes - steve madden

I think the only times I actually blog successfully is when I'm at uni and have exhausted all other possible methods of procrastination. This could perhaps begin to explain the 4 month summer haitus I took, during which time I...

...indulged my never-dwindling obsession for the USA... Kanye-hunting in Chicago, raiding the Marc Jacobs (and just about every other) store, zipwiring across mountain valleys during the day and then trying every form of mountain meat I could get my hands on by night in Utah, hanging off the back of a speedboat at the lakehouse at excessive speeds...tearing ligaments in my hand in the process and producing an impressive medical bill as a result

 ...avoided all and every form of work, hence forgetting every word of French I know and returning to university with very unenviable language skills in the SUBJECT OF MY DEGREE

... lounged around in a vegetative state most days flanked by my friends (which incidentally are teddy bears) with only Ben and Jerry for company

...GOT MY DREAM JOB AT TOPSHOP,  worryingly spending more than an acceptable amount of my wages on the stock (see above photos for evidence of aforementioned spiralling issue)

...helped my flatmate and Miley Cyrus lookalike friend set up her own blog, which you can find here


  1. YAAY your'e back! 5th picture down should totally be your new layout header... new start new layout! ;) x

  2. I thought I saw you in Topshop!! Welcome back :)sounds like an epic summer x

  3. Amazing :) you're finally back :) x


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